Our Rotating Mini Billboards reach a wide variety of consumers; and the use of Rotating Mini Billboards by national, regional, and local advertisers is rapidly increasing, due to its ability to target a specific market.

Companies are attracted to this medium for a number of reasons including:

The opportunity to reach a captive audience.
The ability to target by age, gender, income, lifestyle, and/or geography.
The capability to reach people who are on the move and are otherwise
        difficult to reach with other media.
It’s a low cost, affordable ad medium.
The business/product is featured on a website with unlimited exposure.

Have your advertisement professionally designed by us or use pre-existing media.
Banner ads are 2.5" x 39" high-resolution prints that wrap around the top of the Rotating Mini Billboards.
Ad plaques are full-color, 5" x 6.25" high-resolution prints that are sharp and easy to read.
Let us help you advertise your business.

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